‘What happened to the MTN network today?’ Nigerians as a telecom provider explain connection problems by excluding users

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Mobile telecommunications giant for Nigeria – MTN is not sorry for dia customers who are experiencing network issues.

They come as many users do not complain about the difficulty and inability to use the service to make calls or access data to browse the internet for social media apps, like phones or their computers.

MTN for inside a post on dia superior verified facebook page says they are sorry for any inconvenience caused by palava network.

Although the management of the telecommunication network is not the reason why the dia service is going down, but they say that they are looking into di mata.

Di’s management also doesn’t know how long di palava will last.

The MTN outage comes days after social media services Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram experienced a power outage for more than six hours.

The company says that a faulty configuration causes a blackout.

Many users of MTN for Nigeria say that they are confused as they are not suitable for using the telecom network.

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While some subscribers say they lose a lot of money because of network palava, odas tok comment dem bin tink said na dia phone spoil.

Where is this photo from? OTHERS

Where is this photo from? OTHERS

Where is this photo from? OTHERS

Where is this photo from? OTHERS

MTN is the network with the largest subscribers in Nigeria.

According to Statista, as of March 2021, MTN held 39.5% of the mobile wireless subscriber share for Nigeria and was the current market leader in terms of the number of mobile wireless subscribers, followed by Globalcom and Airtel, with around 26 to 28% each.

Na for August 2001 they launch MTN for Nigeria before di oda mobile wireless subscribers which di kontri currently gets.

Sean B. Jackson