Thuraya Telecommunications Company debut is SatTrack For Land – SatNews

Thuraya telecommunications companythe mobile satellite services subsidiary of Al Yah PJSC Satellite Communications Company (“Yahsat” or, together with its subsidiaries, “the Group”) has launched Thuraya SatTrack for Earth. This new offering is a web-based tracking and monitoring service that has been developed for land vehicles equipped with Thuraya T2M-DUAL tracking and monitoring terminals and is a new addition to Thuraya’s M2M/IoT portfolio.

Sat Track for Earth helps T2M-DUAL users stay in control and gain visibility of their fleets through Thuraya’s satellite footprint. Tracking information can be configured on the platform, allowing owners and operators to track and monitor their active vehicles in real time.

The data displayed on the fleet manager dashboard is customizable and covers many parameters including live location of the vehicle, speed, time spent in a specific location and fuel consumption. As a result, users are able to make critical decisions quickly and efficiently, which improves overall safety and operational savings. SatTrack subscribers will also have seamless access to comprehensive data points for informative information.

SatTrack for Land offers a flexible, usage-based pricing model that protects subscribers from astronomical bills. With a wide range of customizable options, including third-party integration, the service significantly enhances Thuraya T2M-DUAL’s value proposition, making it a best-in-class, end-to-end tracking and monitoring solution. its category.

Thuraya SatTrack’s user-friendly dashboard displays information required from T2M-DUAL terminals mounted on moving vehicles. Its versatile tracking and monitoring functions are used to collect location data and selectable via CAN bus port or GPIO ports. Thuraya SatTrack can be accessed through smart devices including PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Chairman and CEO of Thuraya, Suleiman Al Alimentioned, “As the demand for compliance and access to information soars, satellite connectivity and smart apps are the only realistic and affordable means of communication. SatTrack for Land is a smart, secure and affordable vehicle tracking and monitoring service that amplifies the benefits of T2M-DUAL, empowering fleet managers to make immediate decisions, while improving safety and operational efficiency. SatTrack for Land builds on our previously launched SatTrack for Marine service, which continues to provide fishing operators with a competitive advantage within the marine industry. We now look forward to maintaining the momentum of the land market segment..”

Sean B. Jackson