The Portuguese telecommunications company NOS will distribute services

The Portuguese telecommunications company NOS has started distributing registered electronic signature and notification services in Portugal. NOS is the largest communications and entertainment group in Portugal and is listed on Portugal’s main stock market index.

NOS will distribute in Portugal the registered services of, such as Certified SMS, Certified Email and Certified SMS Contract, which provide reliable proof of sending, receiving and processing data.

Following its strategic alliance with the Spanish listed company, announced last September, NOS has become the first telecommunications company in the country to be included in the national list of trusted service providers.

The Portuguese National Security Office (GNS) is responsible for this list.

The services that will be marketed by NOS are mainly aimed at the banking, insurance and energy sectors, as well as public administrations, in a pioneering program in Portugal.

“NOS and have taken an important step for the advancement of the certified electronic communications industry in Portugal. This partnership with a company as important as NOS will be key to our consolidation in this country in the near future,” said Sisco Sapena, CEO and Founder of

Manuel Ramalho Eanes, Executive Director of NOS, added: “By providing the recorded SMS service, NOS is directly committed to creating more efficient conditions for Portuguese companies to meet the challenges of digital transformation”.

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Sean B. Jackson