“Syria Phone”: Plan to launch the first telecommunications company in the city of Idlib

Accounts from Syria have been circulating on social media celebrating the imminent launch of the country’s first telecommunications company in the northwestern city of Idlib.

The ‘Syrian phone’, according to a photo that has gone viral on Syrian social media, shows the company’s name and logo on a white marble building in the city of Idlib.

The Syrian Salvation Government (SSG), the civilian ruling wing of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) group in the city of Idlib, did not provide any details confirming the news through its public communications company. .

Comments varied between supporting and praising the project and between downplaying the importance of the company, depending on what Enab Baladi at monitored.

Netizens welcomed the idea of ​​founding a telecommunications company and having a Syrian network, while some considered the company’s owner, still unknown, as “a new Ramy”, in reference to Rami Makhlouf, a tycoon Syrian and cousin of Syrian regime leader Bashar al-Assad, who owned the telecommunications company Syriatel.

Some saw it as a move that would allow authorities in northern Syria to control citizens through their cellphones.

Residents and displaced people of Idlib and its countryside mainly depend on Turkish networks whose coverage reaches most opposition-held areas in northern Syria, such as “Turkcell”, “Avaya” and “Vodafone”. .

The General Communications Company of Idlib manages the services of landlines and Internet portals where the communication costs are charged in Turkish lira.

The provision of internet and communication services in Idlib Governorate is one of the significant domestic issues with the interruption of the regime’s government service in the region.

Many small business owners have sought to buy the service in Turkish territory, broadcast it in Syria and distribute it to subscribers via local packages.

Sean B. Jackson