LS Cable supplies optical cables to Vietnam’s largest telecommunications company, “Viettel”

[Courtesy of LS Cable & System Asia]

SEOUL – Through its Ho Chi Minh City-based subsidiary, leading South Korean cable maker LG Cable & System has supplied optical cables to Viettel, a Vietnamese state-owned telecommunications company involved in the construction of high-speed communication networks in Southeast Asia and Africa.

A COVID-19 pandemic has slowed the establishment of high-speed telecommunications networks in Vietnam, but the demand for communication cables is rising again due to an increase in the construction of Internet Data Centers (IDCs).

“This contract is exciting as we have expanded our customer base from small conventional internet service providers to major telecom operators,” LS Cable & System Asia CEO Baek In-jae said in a June 21 statement. . sign contracts with other major telecom operators in Vietnam.

LS Cable has diversified its cable production to meet the needs of various industries. LS Cable Vietnam (LSCV) built a new optical cable facility in 2015 and ensured its competitiveness with technology support from its parent company to produce multi-core optical cable and external optical cable for customers in Vietnam, South Asia – East and South America.

LS Cable is expanding LSCV’s production capacity due to the surge in exports of UTP, a ubiquitous type of copper cabling used in telephone wiring and local area networks (LANs), to the United States. In September 2020, the company commercialized carbon fiber telecommunications cables that can be used for facility operation and system management in factories and smart buildings.

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Sean B. Jackson