LE 6 billion allocated to improve Internet and telecommunications services in the villages of Haya Karima

Internet Cables – REUTERS

CAIRO – February 28, 2022: Among the sectors targeted by the presidential development initiative “Haya Karima”, are telecommunications and Internet services in villages, where LE 6 billion has been allocated to improve the communication network and help small business owners to take advantage of digital literacy.

According to statements by Dr. Walaa Gad Al-Karim, director of the central department of the ‘Haya Karima’ initiative at the Ministry of Local Development.

He said two memorandums of understanding will be signed between the Minister of Communications and Information Technology with Microsoft, adding that “the Decent Life Initiative has gained international recognition over time.”

The Haya Karima initiative aims to develop villages across Egypt, in order to achieve comprehensive development at all levels of education, community, health and economics and to provide sustainable employment opportunities for young people. It works to improve the lives of rural people, by improving the quality of life, developing the infrastructure of houses and improving facilities.

The first phase targeted 375 villages, with a poverty rate reaching 70% or more, while efforts are in full swing to complete development processes in all targeted villages over a three-year period.

The plan of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is to improve the quality of communication services provided to citizens and to strengthen transparency and governance through the development of communication infrastructure and the coverage of main roads and certain areas of the governorates by mobile networks.

The package includes:

– Connect the villages to the Internet, where a “Viber” line is provided for each household.

– Connect targeted villages with fiber optic cables to increase internet efficiency and benefit one million households.

– Develop mobile pylons, in agreement with the companies, to lay cables and build around 1,000 pylons.

– Work with government agencies to eradicate adult digital literacy.

– Develop post offices, reach 878 offices, and equip them with ATMs.

Sean B. Jackson