Kirkcaldy High Street: Telecommunications company explains road closure for five days

The explanation comes after the road from Whytescauseway to the junction with High Street was closed on Wednesday morning.

Openreach Limited has now confirmed that the works are associated with the rollout of superfast broadband in Kirkcaldy.

The move comes after local traders and some residents expressed concerns over the disruption.

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Road closure at Kirkcaldy High Street – Openreach Limited has now confirmed the work is associated with the rollout of superfast broadband.

An Openreach spokesperson said: “We are building a new all-fibre network in Kirkcaldy to give residents access to our gigabit-capable broadband. It will sustain the local network for decades to come and bring multiple benefits to people and the local economy.

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“Wherever we can, we use our existing network of conduits and poles, which generally helps us avoid digging and disturbances.

“But in order to include some properties in the upgrade, we may need to do some road work or install new poles. In that case, we need to unclog an underground conduit so it can be used in the upgrade. We are sorry for any short-term disruption during the execution of the work.

“Residents of many communities in Fife are likely to see an increase in Openreach activity as we continue to work on the ground.

“Towns like Dysart, Kinghorn and Ballingry are part of our investment plan, and early work is underway in Burntisland, with main construction due to start this summer.

“Our new network has reached its first 2,000 homes and businesses in Kirkcaldy, with a third having already ordered some of the fastest and most reliable broadband services in the UK from their providers.

“People can check the plans for their zip code at”

Sean B. Jackson